About Us


Naveen Durgaraju is an Indian novelist, blogger and artist by night. By day he is a business analyst at Infosys with a management degree in marketing.
His forays into writing include both fiction and non-fiction, articles, novels, short stories and screenwriting. He occasionally dabbles in concept art and finds his inspiration in reading and travel.
His first novel Vajra has received widespread acclaim and success. His second book ‘Sinners’ of a trilogy is out now for grabs.


Gautam Gupta is an Indian Blogger who has recently started this blog on Book reviews. He is currently captivated by the 9 to 5 job as a Sales manager and books are the only place where he finds his freedom from the chaos this world is. He loves to travel and his bucket list is always overflowing. He plays guitar privately, a great bathroom singer, an indolent rascal, sarcastic most of the times and loves to read and say something intelligent once in a while.