Is it a love story ? One might say so. But in my opinion the book, Meera by Shipra Sinha Sakxena, brings forth a story of sacrifice for love. A girl who is so profoundly in love with a boy gives up her love for her parent’s happiness, even though in her heart she knew that she could never fall in love again. It’s a sacrifice of a girl who gave up hopes on her husband and raised her child by herself. The one who did not share her deep secrets and dreams with her daughter thinking it might pester her. It’s about a girl who loved more than allowed.

Meera by Shipra Sinha Sakxena Review

Meera by Shipra Sinha SakxenaGenre : Fiction , Tragic Romance

When Aarna, who is struggling with her marriage, discovers a diary of her recently deceased mother, Meera. She comes to know a lot more about Meera than she has ever known in her whole life. Aarna comes to know about the aspirations and dreams of her mother. She comes to know about her true love with a guy named Aditya, of whom she hasn’t told to anybody except few friends.

The story is quite gripping and leaves you a bit helpless because the chain of events happened thirty years ago and nothing can be done to undo it. But I think that was the intent of the writer. Shipra has done a good job keeping us engaged by revealing a surprise element in every other chapter of the book.

The tone of the writing is very compassionate and at times distressing too. Flow of the story is smooth and one will feel connected with the situation, specially a person born in the 90s. Love affair at that time was a big deal as compared to today not just due to the societal rejection but also due to the connectivity issues ! The character profile of each of the person was well articulated. This novel, Meera by Shipra Sinha Sakxena, was engaging and steady paced. I was able to read it in one sitting as I was drawn into the lives of Aditya and Meera. I specially liked the ending of the novel when Aarna decids to fight for her love like Meera did. It was empowering and a kind of peaceful feeling.

I enjoyed the story, but I feel the author could have spent a little more time on elaborating the jumps in the story like the moment when Aditya and Meera decide to be friends even when Meera gets engaged to Advit, the next conversation that happens is after 6 months. Few instances like these felt like there was a disconnect. And what’s with not leaving for Pune to visit her husband. There were few more unanswered questions throughout the book. I feel this issue would have easily resolved if the story was given more time. In haste the novel might not attain the attention that this plot deserved. On a personal front I really don’t believe in things like love at first sight or together for eternity. Maybe in some parallel universe I might. But still the novel is great one time read.

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I would recommend this book to be read by anybody looking for a quick read or for a tragic love story. The vocab used by Shipra is quite notable. This along with the strong paraphrasing at many places makes it a riveting read.

About the Author :

Shipra is born in the city of Nawabs, Lucknow. As a child she started writing poems and short stories from the tender age of ten years. She has been published in the local newspapers numerous times.

She has been a banker for the last ten years. However her first love has always been Literature. Her Interests include reading and singing. Her first venture ‘ Sweetest Love, I do not GO’, is a story close to the heart.



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