There is a sea of calmness that sometimes beckons me. There are no screams in the silence of its waves. No rattling cages in its wide open expanse. Only me. And my words.
You come to me, looking for happiness and see me struggle as I try to give you what I seek myself.
You are a paper plane. Innocent yet fleeting. Always taking off - forever drifting away. Flying on strange tides and landing in stranger places.
Paper plane
How do you escape the jaws of life when everyone else wants you to be devoured and spat out so that they can finally see you becoming them.
You have made me wild only to leave because I can't be tamed.
Love is an addiction unlike any other. When one quits the other feels the pain.
I wished for a garden. She became my forest.
The world loves to keep you drunk on mediocrity. Sober up.
- Choose wisely
I still write about you rewarding you with undeserved immortality.
- deserve
In writing and relationships the same rule applies - Show, don't tell.
do you care ?
So how is your festival of colors going ? Considering how your hands have always been red.
- guilty
What shades of color are your eyes ? Because I think that's what sunshine is made of.
- you are the morning
Our choices don't just make us Sometimes they make others too.
- choose wisely
How long do I stay depends on how warm is your welcome.
- stay longer
the prison of your mind is the hardest to escape from.
- trapped
you were a cigarette in my hand. Hot and intoxicating, but in the end leaving nothing but ashes and a bitter taste.
- dangerous
you have to leave when you realise they can't love themselves as much as you do.
- depart
Tonight I write again and again you steal a piece of my soul
- muse
With some people, love is a virus that grows on denial and lies
- Infected
Life's not a movie doesn't mean no one's watching. Go be your own goddamn hero.
- waiting for ?
Sometimes I think you must be the opposite of sunflower, for you are drawn to a darkness such as me.
- What draws you to me ?
Live gently and on your own terms so that when life comes full circle you welcome it with open arms.
- welcome
I can escape my angels and maybe even my demons But there is no escape from you, no escape from your memories and perhaps no desire to escape.
- prisoner
If what you do doesn't light you up from within it's not worth burning for.
- ashes