The world loves to keep you drunk on mediocrity. Sober up.
- Choose wisely
I still write about you rewarding you with undeserved immortality.
- deserve
In writing and relationships the same rule applies - Show, don't tell.
do you care ?
So how is your festival of colors going ? Considering how your hands have always been red.
- guilty
What shades of color are your eyes ? Because I think that's what sunshine is made of.
- you are the morning
Our choices don't just make us Sometimes they make others too.
- choose wisely
How long do I stay depends on how warm is your welcome.
- stay longer
the prison of your mind is the hardest to escape from.
- trapped
you were a cigarette in my hand. Hot and intoxicating, but in the end leaving nothing but ashes and a bitter taste.
- dangerous
you have to leave when you realise they can't love themselves as much as you do.
- depart
Tonight I write again and again you steal a piece of my soul
- muse
With some people, love is a virus that grows on denial and lies
- Infected
Life's not a movie doesn't mean no one's watching. Go be your own goddamn hero.
- waiting for ?
Sometimes I think you must be the opposite of sunflower, for you are drawn to a darkness such as me.
- What draws you to me ?
Live gently and on your own terms so that when life comes full circle you welcome it with open arms.
- welcome
I can escape my angels and maybe even my demons But there is no escape from you, no escape from your memories and perhaps no desire to escape.
- prisoner
If what you do doesn't light you up from within it's not worth burning for.
- ashes