From the look of cover the book Sinners by Naveen Durgaraju, the book appeared distinctly intriguing. One will get an air of mythology combined with modern outlook. And this is reason I picked it up from the bookshelf. It turned out to be a delightful read with a right mix of fiction as well as the mythological element. The novel was dark and grim at times but still lured me to read further. Naveen being a young rising artist has certainly shown great dexterity in character building and retaining the flow of the story throughout the book.

Sinners by Naveen Durgaraju Review

Sinners by Naveen DurgarajuGenre : Mythological Sci-Fi Thriller Fiction

After reading The Krishna Key, I had very few hopes from any Indian Writer in the genre of Mythology. Even though Ashwin Sanghi deserves a pat on the back for all the extensive research work, but the story writing was not gripping and after a thrilling start it crash lands. But Naveen has created a magic with his simple yet grasping writing in Sinners.

Based on post Apocalyptic Dystopian prophecy, Sinners is an interesting saga unveiled by Naveen. The book has an engaging blurb and even more interesting book cover. I wouldn’t say that it is a well researched book but rather a very well thought book.

It starts off with the world facing the Dark age with the advent of Kalyug. The sudden deaths of the prisoners, guard, celebrities certainly gives a feeling of death note. Like it’s a judgement day and everyone is being punished for their sins by an invisible power. There are fire purges everywhere. Humanity is on the verge of disappearance and people are divided into factions of Sinners, Sinless, Forgiven, wild and many more. Each struggling and fighting each day for survival and power.

The storytelling and narrative is fast paced and smooth. The character development is strong and sketches at the end and beginning of the insides of the book cover help establish them strongly. By the end of the book there is a yearning for the next book which is a sign of a remarkable writing.

Naveen is a new age writer and has an arresting spark in his work. He definitely has a huge task on his shoulder to level up the Indian writing. Considering the fact that majority Indian writers are held up by cliche romantic novels which lack in content. I am definitely looking forward to the second book of the trilogy, Sinners.

Recommended for :

I would recommend this novel, Sinners by Naveen Durgaraju, to anyone who has interest in Mythology Fiction and Thriller. To the new readers. To those readers who are looking forward to novel by an Indian Author which is not a cliche love story.

About the Author :

Naveen Durgaraju is an Indian novelist, blogger and artist by night. By day he is a business analyst at Infosys with a management degree in marketing. His forays into writing include both fiction and non-fiction, articles, novels, short stories and screenwriting.

He occasionally dabbles in concept art and finds his inspiration in reading and travel.
His first novel Vajra has received widespread acclaim and success. With the launch of his first book of the Trilogy Sinners, he is certainly driving a wave of change in Indian Writing.



9.0 /10


8.0 /10


8.5 /10


  • > Fast and smooth pace of the story
  • > Great Character building
  • > Great build up considering this is the first book of a trilogy


  • > Action sequence were at time impractical
  • > Inadvertent wait for the sequence



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